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The Importance of a Smile

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

“Although there are hundreds of languages in the world, a smile speaks all of them” - Kemmons Wilson

Holiday Inn founder Kemmons Wilson always encouraged positivity and enthusiasm and particularly the importance of a smile.

When we feel happy, a smile comes naturally. It's an external sign of delight, joy, satisfaction, appreciation, confidence, excitement, or contentment.

Some days it's a little harder to crack a smile, but here are a few reasons why it is important to smile each and every day, as well as some great tips to help that radiant smile show!

A Natural Anti-Depressant

Smiling has an impact on your brain chemistry, and smiling on purpose is a great way to make yourself feel better. It can lead to feeling genuine happiness or positivity, even when you were originally down in the dumps.

The act of smiling relaxes the muscles in your face and helps to calm the nervous system. Add a laugh to that smile and you'll be sending more oxygen to your brain, releasing endorphins that increase positive feelings and decreasing stress, as well as mood-boosting neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin.

Smiling is Contagious

There is some truth to the age old saying 'smiles are contagious'. Smiling can be an unconscious reaction, especially when reacting to another persons smile as the section of your brain that controls the smiling facial expression is known as an unconscious automatic response area.

Your smile has the power to influence another persons smile, and there is no limit to your impact on strangers moods as the smile cycle continues.

Forget the Fountain of Youth - Just Smile!

While the number of facial muscles we use to smile is still hotly debated in scientific circles, the one thing we do know is that using these smiling muscles can help you appear more youthful! As the muscles tighten to lift your face in to that beaming smile position, you are giving yourself the appearance of a face-lift free of charge!

Gratefulness Journal

Remind yourself of the things you are grateful for. Take a moment to list 5 things that have made you happy today or people/actions you appreciated as you went about your day.

Some pretty commonly recurring things are the obvious ones like family members or pets, or perhaps it was something really specific like a colleague who helped you with a task at work, or the fact that the local supermarket had your favourite brand of chocolate on special!

By the time you have finished reflecting on the things you are grateful, a smile is sure to have crept across your face!

Prioritise your Health

We know you have heard it a thousand times before, but prioritising your health and feeling on top of the world is sure to increase your daily smile count as well as improve your overall well-being. Simple things like ensuring you have enough sleep (roughly 7-8 hours per night), are fueling your body with wholesome foods, and breathing in fresh air to help send clear thoughts to your brain are all key elements that will contribute to your health, happiness and inclination to smile.

Work your Curve

Remember, a smile is the most beautiful curve in anyone's body, so make sure you flaunt it to the world!


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