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High-five for Happy Hour!

Today marks a momentous occasion in Biggles Bar...

A 5 star Happy Hour special is kicking off for the summer!

Beginning at 5pm, 5 days a week, enjoy 5 different types of beverages for only $5 each. High five to that!

In the spirit of the High Five Happy Hour theme, here's 5 fun facts about the legendary hour of happiness.

  1. The origin of the term Happy Hour dates back to the early 19th century. navy personnel created the slang term and used the phrase to describe the time in which activities such as boxing and wrestling matches or other entertainment activities would occur on board after finishing their daily duties.

  2. On December 11, 1984, the state of Massachusetts in the USA became the first state to ban happy hours. Other states now include Alaska, Indiana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Utah and Vermont. Happy Hours are also banned throughout the country of Ireland.

  3. International Happy Hour Day is celebrated annually on the 12th November.

  4. The most common time for Happy Hour's in Australia is 4-6pm.

  5. There are at least 12 major music albums titled "Happy Hour". For whatever odd reason, artists including Morrissey-Mullen in 1988, to Tony Booth in 1974, and even Uncle Kracker in 2009 have used the term.

Cheers to that!


Holiday Inn Sydney Airport, an IHG® Hotel.


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