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Dog Friendly 
Hotel Package

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We welcome dog companions to stay at our hotel with their owners.
This package includes everything your pampered pooch will need for a night away - dog bed, food and water bowl, dog treat and take-home toy.

Our imPAWtant Puppy package caters for dogs and their humans who need a relaxed, friendly and convenient location for their next adventure. Included is use of a dog bed, bowls for food and water as well as a treat and toy for your dog to take home.

Biggles Bar and Grill also caters to every puppy demand by making space on its terrace to accommodate our furry companions who can enjoy a meal or beverage off our special dog menu.


So bring your very imPAWtant pal with you next time you travel, our staff look forward
to welcoming all of your family to our hotel.

Additional Information

One dog under 20kg is allowed per room
On arrival a waiver form must be completed and signed, understanding any liabilities regarding excessive noise damage or soiled area additional cleaning. 
Dogs can be left unattended in guest rooms for short periods of time, however, should be restricted to its own crate. 
Dogs are allowed in the lobby to check in and out, in their rooms and on the terrace of Biggles Bar and Grill if they are on a leash. Some areas are restricted including gym and conference and events rooms. 
Dog food is to be bought with you, unless you are planning to dine in Biggles Bar and Grill and order your dog a meal from the imPAWtant menu.

Bookings must be made at least 48 hours prior to arrival.
A waiver must be signed prior to check in and a cleaning deposit of an additional $100 to be made should extra cleaning or repairs be needed